The Glad is tiny, sixty capacity at a squeeze.

We cater for tastes that include Blues, Folk, Gypsy, Country, Jazz, Bluegrass, Ska, Funk, and all areas in between including stuff that’s a bit left-field, weird and blurring of the boundaries.

We have no stage, we clear the furniture away from the back wall and set the band up there. We don’t mic any amps,or any kits, and we ask drummers to play with hot-rods instead of sticks.

We’re all musicians who run the place, we never charge in on the door, we know what circuit venues are like, and we know we don’t want our place to ever get like that.

The room is small, intimate and intense, and sounds fantastic. Over the years we’ve had everyone from Larry Jon Wilson to Fionn Regan, Noah and the Whale, ┬áJames Vincent McMorrow, Dry The River, Findlay Brown and many more down here.

Because we’re completely independent we have no live music budget as many brewery supported venues have. In combination with a no door charge policy, it leaves us with not a lot of money to play with.

We try to make up for it however by supplying back-line to make travel easier, making sure the latest gig finishes while the tubes are still running. We treat musicians with respect and kindness.

If you’d like to be considered to play here please contact us at with a musical link to where we can hear what you do.