AT THE GLAD: Sun 10 March- Adam Beattie & The Consultants/ Ottersgear

Adam Beattie & The Consultants continue their ever popular Sunday night monthly residency. Historically Beattie and his excellent band have ploughed a similar furrow to Tom Waits and Nick Cave’s more downtempo work, noir folk blues with a dark edge and a big heart that never fails to move an audience. These days he’s also bringing influences from old-time jazz, swing and parlour songs into his sound, though still never straying far from the deep and rich flavours of the folk blues and jazz stew cooked by the likes of Waits and Dylan over the last decade…

Afdam Beattie onstage at 9.15 pm

Mike McKinnay aka Ottersgear in his own words: (I write) songs in a folk/bluegrass/country vein, with elements of swing, rock, pop, rockabilly and jazz.
I’ve been influenced by Bluegrass and Old-Time music so some of the songs follow the structures common with those styles, but others are more synonymous with pop/rock/country music and feature fiddle solos in a swing style.

Ottersgear onstage at 8.15 pm